Every car owner has to face the difficult task of selling a car some time in their life.  Not everyone selling their car has the some options and the decision to sell may vary from person to person.  There are many people that might like driving newer cars and simply trade up every few years.  There are some advantages when trading in your car however expect to get wholesale for your vehicle.  There are others who had their car for over 20 years and now its now longer viable to repair as their car is just worth junk money.  No matter the situation, it’s not exactly easy.

If you are a private seller, you can try placing classified ads online and in news publication.  Quite …» Continue Reading: SELLING A CAR FOR MAXIMUM VALUE

In modern times, it can increasingly get difficult  getting the money you need for your car.  RCO Cash for Cars, with the assistance of Olivia Milone, has aggressively launched an advertising campaign throughout the New York / New Jersey Metropolitan area giving motor vehicle owners the opportunity as selling a car quickly without the hassle of trying to find a private buyer.

With new website enhancements, getting an online quote has never been easier.  Simply visit www.rcoautosales.com and click the sell tab.  Fill out all the pertinent information about your vehicle and within minutes, you will receive a free quote for your car.  Its that simple.  For those who aren’t computer savvy, they can call them directly at 718-227-2317.

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For those who have visions of owning a luxury Cadillac but just don’t seem to have the money available to purchase a brand new one, there is a solution.  Unlike other Cadillac dealerships, RCO Auto Sales operates a pre-owned Cadillac dealership in Staten Island NY.  They have been in business since 2005 and have been offering customers the opportunity to buy a Cadillac at wholesale prices!  Why spend thousands of dollars buying a brand new Cadillac when you can get one for half the price.

You can visit them online at http://statenislandcadi.com and view their current inventory.  For those who want a a luxury Cadillac not in stock, they offer the …» Continue Reading: BUY A CADILLAC NEW YORK! NY’S PREOWNED CADILLAC DEALERSHIP!

Cop shot nine times helped save the day


There was no taking the Brooklyn out of this gutsy hero.

The tough-as-nails cop who was struck by up to nine bullets while aiding shooting victims at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is a Brooklyn-born ex-Marine known for his bravery, his proud pop told The Post yesterday.

“That is him, believe me. He was a Marine. He goes by training. He was always a straight shooter, a very impressive kid,” retired New York City sanitation worker James Murphy, 78, said of his son, Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy.

“He’s a guy who would do you a favor if he knew you for 10 minutes,” the dad added of Brian, …» Continue Reading: Temple hero a Brooklyn sonLt. Brian Murphy,

By S.A. MILLER, Post Correspondent

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney beat President Obama again.

The Republican topped Obama in fund-raising for a third consecutive month, hauling in $101 million in July to Obama’s mere $75 million, according to totals announced yesterday by the campaigns.

It was the second month in a row that Romney and the Republican Party raised more than $100 million. Obama has yet to hit the six-figure mark.

“Once again we see that for many people, this is more than a campaign — it is a cause,” boasted Romney finance chairman Spencer Zwick.

Obama and the Democratic Party did catch up slightly with Romney’s fund-raising pace. Obama in June collected just $71 million, $35 million less than Romney’s $106 million haul.

The Romney …» Continue Reading: Mitt $ocks Barack: Wins fund race with 2nd $100M month

Looks like she’ll be able to afford better wine.

A retired Staten Island immigrant scored $85 million off a $1 lottery ticket while picking up a cheap bottle of wine at a Richmond Hill Road liquor store.

“I [was] just shocked. I can’t explain it,” said Jin Ok Choi, 54, who netted a cool $40,426,259 after taxes by opting for the lump-sum payment of nearly $65 million.

Choi bought five $1 Mega Millions tickets — including the lucky one — July 1 while picking up a $5.50 bottle of Korean wine at Empire Wine & Liquor Depot.

Choi wouldn’t divulge any personal information about herself, only saying she’d been in the country 15 years and plans to buy a condo with the money.

STATEN …» Continue Reading: Champagne wishes

Lured ex and smacked her around: sources


A New York City cop charged with raping his pregnant stripper ex-girlfriend punched her in the face and menaced her with both a gun and a knife during the alleged attack, sources said yesterday.

The 23-year-old woman dated Officer Arthur Roldan, 28, for two years. After a recent breakup, the two had just begun to talk again.

She agreed to meet him late Tuesday night, and he parked his car by the Staten Island waterfront, at Father Capodanno Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue, a notorious lover’s lane.

It was there that she performed oral sex on him, sources said, but when she told him that she wanted to stop, he …» Continue Reading: ‘Rape cop’ brute

The bachelor behind NYC’s ‘Sex Hotel’ tries his hand at farming — and is now giving trend-setting customers a taste of the land


Handsome hotelier Andre Balazs is standing in a field surrounded by chickens, looking very much the gentleman clad in tweed, cashmere and rubber wellies. He protectively clutches a bunny rabbit in the crook of his elbow as a cow looks on approvingly.

The creator of magical places for beautiful people, it’s hard to believe this is the same man behind the Standard hotel, where guests in glass-fronted rooms were spied doing the nasty high above the Meatpacking District. Dubbed the “Sex Hotel,” the hot spot and its owner have long been associated with louche urban glamour — a world …» Continue Reading: NYC’s night life king gets dirty

Last Updated: 8:57 AM, July 26, 2012 “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson is “heartbroken and humiliated” after his girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on him with her married director.

Sources tell us Robert was stunned when Kristen, his paramour of four years, admitted she’d been caught kissing her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director, Rupert Sanders, who is married with two young children.

Witnesses saw Rob and Kristen fighting backstage at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, just days after the 22-year-old actress and Sanders, 41, were pictured sharing a steamy rendezvous.

AP Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

A source told us, “Rob and Kristen were having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading.” Another source …» Continue Reading: Twilight for Kristen & Rob